jo lab
Cardiovascular Mechanobiology and Nanomedicine

Principal Investigator


Hanjoong Jo , Ph.D.

John and Jan Portman Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering and the Division of Cardiology
Emory University and Georgia Tech
2005 Woodruff Memorial Building
Atlanta, GA 30322

Phone: 404-712-9654
FAX: 404-727-3330



Korea University, Seoul, Korea; BS 02/1984 Animal Science

Pennsylvania State University, PA; PhD 05/1989 Physiology

Washington University, St. Louis; Postdoc 05/1990 Cell signaling

Univ. of Alabama at Birmingham; Postdoc 12/1993 Cell Signaling


Positions and Employment

1995-2000             Assistant Professor, Univ. of Alabama at Birmingham, Pathology & Biomedical Engineering

2000-2006             Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering & Div of Cardiology, GA Tech & Emory Univ.

2006-present   Professor, Biomedical Engineering & Div of Cardiology, GA Tech & Emory Univ.

2007-2012             Ada Lee and Pete Correll Professor in Biomedical Engineering, GA Tech & Emory Univ.

2009-2013             Visiting Distinguished Professor, Dept. of Bioinspired Science, Ewha Womans Univ, S. Korea

2012-present         John and Jan Portman Professor in Biomedical Engineering, GA Tech and Emory Univ.

2013-present         Associate Chair for Emory, Department of Biomedical Engineering, GA Tech and Emory Univ.


Other Experience and Professional Memberships

1983                  Presidential Award to the Most Outstanding Student, Korea University

1983-1984        Lee, Myung-Hun Memorial Scholarship, Korea University

1989-1991         The Juvenile Diabetes Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship, New York, NY

2007                   Outstanding Basic Science Research Award, Emory University, Department of Medicine

2013               Emory 1% Club (for those achieving 1% on grant application)

2014             Best Presenter Award, 2014 European Atherosclerosis Society Annual Meeting, Spain

2011              Elected Fellow, American Heart Association (AHA)

2013              Elected Fellow, American Physiological Society, Cardiovascular Section (APS)

2014             Elected Fellow, Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES)

2015            Elected Fellow, American Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE)


2007-2013          Cell and Molecular Bioengineering Journal, Associate Editor

2012-present      Frontiers in Physiology, Vascular Biology, Guest Associate Editor

2013-present      Physiology Journal, Associate Editor

2013-present         Cardiovascular Engineering, Technology (CVET), Associate Editor

2015-present         Nature Scientific Report, Editorial Board Member


2004-present   Am. J Physiology: Cell Physiology.  Editorial Board Member

2005-present         Circulation Research:  Editorial Board Member

2006-2011             Am. J Physiology: Heart & Circ Physiology.  Editorial Board Member

2008-present         Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology, Editorial Board Member

2008-2013             American Journal of Pathology, Editorial Board Member

2012-present         Atherosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology (ATVB), Editorial Board Member


2002-2008, 2010   NIH VCMB Study Section, Ad Hoc and Chartered Member

2010-2012             Chair and Co-Chair, Am Heart Association, Vasc Endo Biology Study Section

2011-12                 Conference Chair, The 2012 Annual Biomedical Engineering Society Meeting

2011-12                 Co-Chair, The 6th International Symp Biomechanics in Vascular Biology Meeting

2012-present         Co-Chair, Physiological Genomics Council, American Physiology Society,

2013-present         Chair, American Heart Association, Vasc Endothelial Biology, Clinical Study section

2013-2014             Chair, UKC 2014 Convergence Symposium, San Francisco

2013-2014             Chair, US-Korea Annual Biomedical Engineering Society Workshop, Seattle & San Antonio,


Biomedical Eng Society, Am. Heart Assn., Am. Physiological Soc, Soc Free Radical Biology Medicine, Heart Valve Disease Society. North American Vascular Biology Organization.